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Our mission is to provide professional and caring fitness programs for seniors, homebound individuals, and for the active aging. We create customized evidence-based exercises to achieve your personal fitness goals. Through training and education, we help our clients improve mobility, function, and wellness. Gain your independence, health, and vitality!!!


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Free consultation (within 10 miles radius from the City of Lakewood or Long Beach area)


Free Nutritional Consultation and Samples


Customized Home Program for Routine Flexibility and Exercises

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Client Testimonials

Hire Gilbert – he’s amazing
We hired Gilbert 3 months ago as a personal trainer and we have been extremely happy, and plan to continue to work with him. He has a great personality that is encouraging, supportive and very professional. But what really differentiates Gilbert from most trainers, is his extensive physical therapy knowledge, so that you know he’s going to constantly physically push and challenge you, but its age appropriate and you won’t be injured along the way!

Sue K.

Thankful for Gilbert
Gilbert is the best! He has been very attentive with my problems that I have with my back and foot. I have sciatica that flairs up often if I don’t exercise the right way. I have always been active and love to workout so I was very happy to find Gilbert, he has taught me how to exercise correctly. There was a time that I didn’t think I could continue to work out but now I’m back at it and loving it! Especially since I have also developed plantar fasciitis and can’t walk as long or as far as I used to. I would recommend his services to anyone who has had to limit they’re exercising due to injury or conditions that they have developed. It’s never too late or hopeless, you can see that with Gilbert’s clients that are in their nineties!

Tracey K.

Just the right touch
This was a surprise for my elderly dad. Gilbert’s thoughtful demeanor hit the perfect notes of professional and friendly conversation to put him at ease for his first ever massage.

It was a lovely afternoon and your massage therapy was part of what made it so pleasant.

Marguerite S.



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